No, seriously, we haven’t touched any of this. We’re finally getting around to sharing pictures of the upstairs of our house, and we haven’t done a damn thing up here (besides hang up some blinds) since we moved in more than six months ago. So consider these before and after pictures for the time being.


We’re going to skip around a little bit so we can start with our favorite room of the house; the pool room! We absolutely love the dark paneling on the walls and the contrast it provides against the white ceiling. We call it the pool room because the previous owner told us this room originally had a pool table right in the middle. It’s currently living it’s best life as our guest bedroom and wedding storage unit. And by guest bedroom, we’re really saying it’s comparable to a $25/night AirBnB that you probably won’t book again, which is kind of a disservice to the house’s previous identity. We can’t wait to finish it with some furniture that’s more our style, maybe repaint the yellow-ish wall, update the fan, and make it a little bit more homey for our guest. Oh, and maybe a mattress and bedding would be nice too?


Right around the corner from the pool room is our master bedroom. It has a beautiful of Beck Street, along with more beautiful views of duck wallpaper.

This room has a long list of pros and cons. First, it’s big, has air conditioning (which has kept our tempers down this summer!), and again has a beautiful view of Beck Street. It was especially scenic this winter on snowy days; this picture hardly does it justice! This photo was also taken before we put any type of blinds; we took our sweet time getting around to that. Again, sorry neighbors!

On the flip side, this massive room is broken up by a closet and a huge built-in dresser, which makes the room feel really choppy. We someday envision tearing out the closet and dresser, which will make this room feel extremely spacious and airy. Oh, and we plan to take down the duck wallpaper someday too.

The closet turns this part of our bedroom into a small hallway, leading to our master bathroom on the left, and a door to a cold room straight ahead.


Right off of our bedroom is our master bathroom, and again we haven’t changed a thing. It’s rocking two types of tile floors, lights from before our existence, and again more duck wallpaper. We have plans to make this bathroom more functional and accessible. We’ve been told that this bathroom use to have a door leading in from the upstairs hallway, and we’d love to add it back that way our guests can use the bathroom without having to track through our bedroom. For point of reference, the door would be to the left of the sink in the photo below, and we’d reposition the sink on the wall next to the toilet. The bathroom also includes a small stand up shower, which is a hard to see in the second photo.


And leading off from our bedroom is unfinished room that we’ve named “the cold room.” From the moment we first looked at the house, we knew that this could someday make an awesome master bathroom and closet. We envision adding a large, walk-in closet on the right side of the room, and shifting the door over (or just removing it), that way it’s not accessible directly from our bathroom. If you’re wondering, the door goes out onto the flat roof above our garage. We’d love to then add two or three windows where the door currently lives, along with a stand-up shower, double vanity, and a bath tub. But not just any bath tub – the biggest damn bathtub we can get our hands on. Period.


And to put a bow on this post, here’s some pictures of our upstairs hallway that connects everything together. The window at the top of the stairs looks out onto the backyard and the massive maple tree, and we love it when the sun shines through in the morning. In the photo below, the new door to the bathroom would be at the top of the stairs next to the handrail.

Above the stairs is a decent-sized storage cubby. Right now we use it to store our luggage and other odds and ends. We love how much storage this house has! On the other side of the hallway, leading into the pool room, is a big set of built in drawers that have been perfect linens and extra blankets.

We’ve now shared the entire inside of our house (with the exception of our garage, basement, and workshop). We can’t wait to share more about the projects we’re doing and the updates we’re making to make this house our forever home.




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