Happy fall, witches! For the first time in forever, we had a free weekend (if you don’t count dog watching three needy mutts) That’s right, a free weekend! No social events, no one to report to (actually we never have anyone to report to), and how did we celebrate? Well, sleeping in until noon-ish (minus the three times between 7-9am to let these damn dogs out), eating whatever we want, and putzing around wherever the hell we wanted, wearing whatever the hell we wanted.

BUT we did put on real clothes (and pants!) this afternoon to go pick up some pumpkins from around the neighborhood. We stopped at two stands not far from us to support two of our favorite local pumpkin producers. Seriously, these ladies know what they’re doin’.

Don’t mind the bedhead. We said we put on real clothes – we didn’t say we got rid of bedhead.

Once the back of our truck was loaded up with all different sizes of pumpkins, we went home to work on getting our front porch ready for fall. It needed it. Between our house being painted, our wedding, school, and our honeymoon, our flower baskets had gone to shit, so we finally got around to clearing those out. They were beautiful all summer and served us well, and we were both shocked that we were able to keep them alive as long as we did.

We’re still waiting to pick up some mums and maybe corn stalks later this week, so until then, we’ll just post about how we’re decorating for fall inside our house. A few weeks back we picked up a bunch of ceramic pumpkins from our local (and new!) Home Goods, along with a few smaller ones from Target.

Yes that’s April Ludgate on the TV in the background from Parks and Rec. Leslie Knope is our girl.

Also have we talked about our local Target yet? It has finally been remodeled. We lived a life of a 90’s-style Target for years. Every time we walked in, we were waiting for “Hit Me Baby One More Time” by our girl Britney to start playing, or to see people walking around jamming to their portable cassette players. We almost cried the first time we walked in and they had started renovations. It’s finally been updated and we are now living our best life.

We also have a lot of leftover eucalyptus from our wedding earlier this month. We’ve draped it over our stair railing, our cabinets, in front of our TV, and a few more spots around the house, and it’s gorgeous.

These three little pumpkins are from Target, in the dollar section to be exact. We saw them and they matched our house colors and we knew they were meant to be.

We’ll be back later this week with an update on our front porch, once we get some mums and maybe those corn stalks. Until then, we hope you enjoy the start of cooler weather, searching for that perfect pumpkin, and sipping on apple cider (with hopefully a splash of caramel vodka).



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