That’s right! It’s finally here! The calendar has rolled over to November, the clocks have been set back, and we’re getting ready to…decorate for Christmas! We have been looking forward to decorating for Christmas since last year. Our originally closing date was November 1, but due to one dose of bullshit after another, we didn’t close until January 15. At one point, we had our fingers crossed that we would close a few days before Christmas and could still get a tree, but it never happened. Not this year though. Wanna know how excited we are? We’d compare our excitement for decorating to the to the passion and eagerness that Ralphie has waiting for his Red Ryder BB Gun.

But before we get to that point, we thought we better follow up on our promise to show a few pictures of our front porch while it’s still decorated for fall. And after a busy week, we’re not feeling like writing too much [it took us 20-minutes just to come up with this blog post title] so we hope you enjoy this picture-heavy post of how we decorated for Halloween and the fall.

Wondering where the rugs and the Halloween sign came from? Target. If you’re ever wondering where anything we have in our house came from, odds are the answer is Target.

So here’s our front porch! While the pumpkins still have a few more weeks of life in them, our goal is to get the front porch all set for Christmas before the pumpkins start getting all nasty and shit, but we will see!




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