“Just south of the river sits “The Beck Street House” – filled with charm and history. Standing tall among the mature maple trees, this home boasts character, texture, design, and simplicity as the owner intended.”

We’re back and we’re in much better moods now that our boiler is back up and running and we have hot water again! January 15 is a special day in our hearts, as one year ago today, we official closed on our house, which means we’ve owned it for one full year!

And what a year it’s been! Since that day, we’ve gotten married, we had our exterior siding painted, started this website, tackled numerous home renovation projects, AND we took down the duck.

[Before we move on, let us never forget that at one point Alan wanted to get rid of the gingerbread trim. And Laryssa saved it. Let. Us. Never. Forget.]

It’s crazy that we’ve lived here an entire year. We’ve mentioned this before, but during the home buying process, which took over five months, there were several times where we worried everything would fall through and we’d never actually own it [even though we drove by it every single day to check on “our” house.]

Walking through our front door for the very first time was such an exciting moment. It felt surreal. Speaking of that, here’s a video of us on Day 1 here at the Beck Street House. So much has changed! Way less ducks! Still so much to do!

PS: We’re not videographer professionals and we should have practiced. Yikes.

Yes, we still have a long list of projects to do. And many projects to finish still. We get so excited looking around and thinking about what this house can and will look like some day. We’re excited to keep sharing these adventures (and misadventures) with you and to grow The Beck Street House as we continue to make our first house our forever home.

Much love,



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